Bayboon is a vast marketplace, exclusively made to give a golden opportunity to all the local businesses to start running their shop online. The sky is the limit for making online with bayboon; if still you’re not convinced then have a look at all the 15 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling On Bayboon

Bayboon is the rising, up, and coming marketplace for buyers from all over the world, but its primary market is in the United States. So, we ask you, why won’t you have some of the pie in the online market?

Why Sell on Bayboon?

Not to toot our own horn; however, we have ventured in a considerable business that requires a lot of customers and clients to cater. It is more than enough reason for all the entrepreneurs to join our dynamic online platform and be a part of something extraordinary.

15 Reasons to Sell on Bayboon

1 – No Commitment

If there isn’t any transaction pending, you can cancel your account at any time. You are not obligated to cancel your business account at a particular time. You can easily set up a shop on one day and cancel it at the very next day. So, no worries at all!

2 – Easy to Work

All we need is some basic requirements such as, Tax id #, Bank account and supporting documents (ID, address, etc.) and you are good to go! In other words, you don’t have to be some hotshot business professional to start your business in our marketplace.

3 – Our Fees

At the moment, there aren’t any sign-up fees or even product listing fees for all the business account holders. We will charge a minimal amount only over the successful transaction that has taken place from your account.

4 – Do it at Your Own Pace

Selling on bayboon is not a race! You can either post one product a day or several. It’s entirely up to you how much time and resources you want to invest in your online store. If you have a day-time job and you can work on nights, if not, then weekends may be the best time to pursue.

5 – Crystal Clear Pricing Policy

One of the significant benefits of joining bayboon is that there is no sign-up fee or listing fee on our marketplace right now. Moreover, there is no cap limit on how much you can list your products in your store. You will only be charged when only upon the completion of a confirmed transaction.

6 – Referral Bonuses

You are allowed to give referral bonuses to your loyal customers for bringing in more customers to your online store. It will create a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your customers, new as well as the existing ones. Setting up the policy of referral bonuses is entirely up to you on how do you want to make it.

7 – Referral Discounts

Again, sellers have the authority to use this technique to gain a massive amount of customers and clients to their online store. It’s merely giving out redeemable discount vouchers to those customers who have brought more customers to your store. This marketing strategy not only does it brings in more customers, but it will also make the existing customer come back and shop some more. It’s an ideal technique for all the restaurant owners, travel, and leisure services providers on our platform.

8 – No Pressure on Setting up the Prices

Sellers have the whole sole authority to set up the prices of their products and services without any dictation from bayboon.  You will set up your policies on pricing, giving referral discounts and bonuses to your respective customers and clients.

9 – Our Market Size Benefits You

We know we are not the size of Alibaba; nevertheless, it doesn’t mean we can’t help in gaining more traffic to your store. Bayboon already did all the heavy lifting by making all the major categories for making it easy for the buyers to get access to your store. So, you have one less thing to worry about when you make an online store on bayboon.

10 – It’s Okay to Start Small

At Bayboon, it doesn’t matter the size of the business you own. You can set up your online store from a smaller scale, especially if you have computer and mobile accessory items to sell.

Moreover, you shouldn’t be investing more than what the market needs or demands until there is a vast market out there.

11 – Bayboon Growth

It’s probably the biggest reason why you should join the Bayboon sooner rather than later. Bayboon is set eyes to take over the US market in the coming years. It would render a tremendous opportunity for all the online store owners of bayboon to grow with our pace.

12 – Bayboon SPOC

Having a tough time selling your product/services? Let us guide you through all the nitty-gritty details of mastering to sell online in our SPOC (Small Private Online Course).

13 – Selling in Bulk

Who wouldn’t want to sell their products all at once? Our Join Group features enable various buyers having similar tastes to join forces to buy in bulk from your store. It is a win-win situation for all of us. As it allows you to sell a huge chunk of your products in one-go while giving the customers their fair share of discount. This is how we all grow together as one big happy family.

14 – Free Advertisements

Have you ever viewed an item on Amazon and find similar and related products on the side or at the bottom of the page? This is called free advertising that we will be going to show on all the items listed that is relevant to that product and category.

15 – Nifty Mobile Apps

Get yourself updated with all the latest happenings on your business account with our bonafide mobile app. It’s easily accessible on both of the major platforms, i.e., iOS and Android. The app gives you the ultimate feature to be informed everything about your shop no matter wherever you are in the world. With all the great features mentioned above, bayboon gives a chance of a lifetime for all the small businesses that are surely not be missed.

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